New Season, new blog

I am finally HOME for going on six months. I kinda think a new blog is in order…to commemorate this transition. I don’t think we’re quite “there” yet (and sometimes wonder if we ever will be)…but we’re almost at the six month mark of this life-changing journey and I am feeling a little more “settled”. So much has happened…I can’t wait to tell you. God has granted me the desire of my heart -to move back to E TN- and He’s shown me so much about TRUST…just going on nothing but faith. Folks thought I was crazy; people got mad…tornadoes, etc….changed their minds I think. Confirmed to me exactly what He said. So, get ready and join me on this journey. As is everything else in my life…it’s a little unusual but never boring. I’ll be posting/blogging here from now on. Be looking for a new website; I’m working on a couple more books…lots to do. I’m not getting any younger and it’s time to get on with this. My desire…my dream…it’s up to God…but I have to do my part. pray for me? Cheer me on? Help when needed? Great!!


3 thoughts on “New Season, new blog

  1. LisaCarterNewland

    I am thrilled that you have a new blog! A new home and the next chapter begins for you and Matt! It truely has been a FAITH WALK as Tim and I have been so blessed to experience so many moments since you stepped out on GOD’S PROMPTING in December 2013 and listened to his still small voice directing your path. Now here we are and this story continues on- We are so excited
    and can’t wait to read your next book! It

    will astounded


    1. lastmilehome11 Post author

      I love you Lisa & Tim Newland. Without you all I doubt I would have had the courage to “walk blind/CROSS~eyed”! God continues to amaze this ole gal with how He connects the dots, the people & hearts. I am so grateful!


  2. Rita Lane

    I’m so glad you found your way back HOME! I love you and Matt. Stepping out on FAITH is so hard but it is always worth it. When we have God making the way for us, nothing can go wrong!



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