What Language Do You Speak?

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we “church people” speak “church” and when trying to communicate with those who are un-churched and unsaved something is lost in the translation. Better put, we’re speaking a foreign language and sometimes (I think) they can’t understand a word we say.

I have to remind myself that if people don’t have the Spirit (given to us when we accept/believe in/believe on) Christ, then they can’t understand or “see” as we do. We tell them to pray and read their Bible, right? The Bible says you can’t understand the Word without the Spirit. Are you telling them to do something you don’t do, or only do on Sundays? mmmm…a whole different story there…

That’s why people are confused and angry. They hear us TALKING the talk but don’t see us WALKING the walk. We are double minded. Did you know your countenance speaks volumes? You can “witness” by not saying a word. You can be inviting, caring, friendly and loving and that goes a much longer way…and SHOWS people more than anything you say.

Watch your language. If you tell someone to read the Bible, be sure you read it yourself first, and then tell them how they can be opened to understanding God’s Word. You can tell them what God spoke to you…but be sure you leave the “church lingo/language” out of it. Before you do, pray the person’s eyes will be opened which means to ask that they will be opened to God. Not you. Speak to them lovingly, not judgmentally, where they are. Ask God to give you a loving, concerned Spirit and attitude…and a heart that matches His. Better yet, ask for His heart for them to be revealed to them.

It’s good to share Jesus with anyone and everyone. Jesus walked AMONG the ones society rejected and He used down-to-earth methods (parables) to teach and to get His message out there…He used things He knew they could relate to. That’s what I’m saying here. Be real. Jesus came “down” to us to reveal Himself. He came to where we were and He still does! Don’t make folks confused or feel they are inferior and can never understand.  God will give you the perfect words to speak and will give you the courage to say them. Just love.

Speak the language of His love and then watch Him do the work.



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