The Heavenly Prescription

Sometimes things don’t make any sense whatsoever from this perspective. I just don’t get it. I don’t get the why so often. For some reason we think as we live with God here He’s required to let us in on what He’s doing. When He does give us a glimpse of His “view” of what’s going on around us, we still tend to try to figure it out and while we ponder and persevere, the whole reason for the insight gets distorted and we are more confused than ever.

Spiritual things seldom make good common sense. That’s hard for us isn’t it? We have to have a reason for everything. Spirit defies logic. Flesh and Spirit are in constant conflict and when the choice needs to be made, we side with or go with what makes sense; we settle for a flesh reason and miss the Spirit reason.

I had the privilege of speaking at my church yesterday. While standing in front of the very few people who were there I was more than a little surprised at what I saw. I’ve been associated with these people for months. I’ve come to know them and love them but I must tell you, I didn’t like what I saw at all.

I saw lots and lots of pain. I saw them wearing their battles. I saw fatigue, sadness and evidence of their lives all over them.  To be honest, we’re a brand new church; we don’t have many who worship with us and I couldn’t figure out why in the world the Lord prompted our Pastor to ask me to speak. It didn’t make any sense. I almost said no! Then when I got to the front and saw what he sees every time he stands in front of us, I got it.

I know how hard life is. I may have not faced what you face, but I have had some serious battles. I know what it’s like to be wounded, even hurt down to your soul. I also know the best remedy or the feel-better solution for pain. His name is Jesus. Want to know how I fight and keep the joy in my heart and the smile on my face? I keep the Lord front and center…or at least I try. My escape is spending time with Him. Every day, no matter what is going on in my life, He is my ‘first thing’.

I don’t make light of anyone’s suffering. I know what it’s like to wake up consumed with a heavy load of sorts, to have the first thing that pops into my mind something about me or someone I love and what they/I am going through. I have to choose to divert. I can stay consumed with trouble, fear, worry, or I can choose a diversion.

There are many choices for diversion too. Have a drink, take a pill, eat something that will make you feel better, watch something on TV to name a few. OR, you can talk to PAPA and ask Him for comfort and strength,  pick up His Word and dive in.  I have found this to be the key to unlocking my joy that is sometimes buried deep under pain. When joy is touched, I find it has to manifest itself. It has to show; to come out in some form.

May sound silly and simple but I dare you to try it.


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