Snowflake God

How many people have lived, inhabited the earth from the beginning until now? All individuals, all created by God, all separate and unique. All of them. Mind blowing isn’t it?

When someone bakes cookies and uses a cookie cutter, even a spoon, the goal is to make them look the same, be the same size, be evenly baked and taste exactly the same as the first one. Our Creator isn’t like that. He creates us uniquely different and He does it on purpose.

There are others we identify with in various ways. Some may even look like us. Twins have the same biological makeup but their personalities are different. Mind-boggling isn’t it, that we’re all different and yet, He knows the very hairs on ALL of our heads!? He KNOWS us intimately, and doesn’t get us confused or mistakes us for someone else. He knows us one-on-one. What delights me may do nothing for you, and vice-versa. He individually draws you, reveals Himself to you differently than He does me. He’s intimately personal because He loves you personally.

Therefore be assured He will work through, speak through  and draw through what’s going on in your individual life. Even the mistakes, heartaches, blessings and curses will be taken by the One who loves you most to bring ultimate good out of. He already knew you would make them as He knows the beginning from the end, and He will customize glimpses of Himself in the ugly as well as the pretty just for YOU. That’s how much He loves us. The whole, complete span of our lives is putty in His hands (whether you realize it or not) designed to grow our personal relationship with Him.

He is a “snowflake” God. He has personal, deep, dedicated love relationship specifically for you, not cookie-cutter love that’s the same across the board. It’s said that each snowflake that falls is unique and no other is like it. How is that possible? Does that mean they’re unique to the snowfall and the next time it snows there will be a match? You could try to prove that theory but it would be impossible I think. So I’m content to focus on the beauty of the snowfall and the One who created it and not try to prove or disprove the theory. Doesn’t that defeat the chance to enjoy the blessing? That’s life you know; that’s the bottom line of FAITH: trust God and what He says. Sometimes it’s too big to make sense of. Today, it’s enough to believe and be grateful for His individual, just-designed-for-you love. And, that is enough.


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