And Barbie

I listened to Charles Stanley this morning describe John the beloved’s description of Christ in Revelation chapter one. I never really thought about it but Mr. Stanley pointed these scriptures out to be the only physical description of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. If that wasn’t enough just to read the description he expounded on it. (Revelation 1:12-17). He said John was seeing the unveiled just-as-he-really-is Jesus. The REAL Jesus, as Judge and Righteous Jesus whom we will also see when the time comes. Jesus in all His glory.

Verse 17 says when he saw him he fell at His feet ‘like a dead man’. Precious Lord Jesus, in John’s moment of face to face confrontation with his beloved servant placed His right hand on him and told him not to be afraid. This touched me deeply. I have a reverent desire and expectation to see our Lord. There are days when life is hard I just want Him to come and get me. There are also days when I look at myself and see the places where I have really missed the mark and wonder how it’s possible for Him to love me and STILL love me and even have a desire to see me!

This morning, I imagined what it will be like to see Him in His glory. Don’t we all? Do you rehearse the things that didn’t make sense and the questions you’ll ask Him when you see Him? I realized how silly that all is. After meditating on this all morning, I’m quite sure I will fall as though dead at His feet. I also thought about the fact that I in no way deserve to see Him and the weight of that truth will fill me like never before when we’re face to face. I have nothing upon which to base my right on that promise of a face to face encounter other than HIS word; HIS promise and solely because of who He is. In that split second, it will be unquestionably clear who and what we REALLY are when in His physical presence.

What touched me so is that, even I will hear His voice and feel His touch physically in spite of me! THANK GOD! Jesus could have spoken anything to John in that vision but look at what He chose to say! “Do not be afraid…” I think there’s a good chance that’s what He’ll say to me first, as well.


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