Cross The Line

We hear it all the time…”I’m so blessed”; “God did this, God gave me that”. I’ve also heard many people state their one thing they couldn’t bear. Perhaps it’s the loss of a child, a terminal diagnosis, a miscarriage, bankruptcy, no provision that they can see…and it’s stated “I don’t know what I would do if…”; “I couldn’t survive ________ (fill in the blank).” “OH. He wouldn’t dare let “that” happen…”

What if He does? We all have something we think COULD happen but hope it never will.  What if it does? What if God allows the unthinkable, the greatest fear you have become a reality. What then? What if He doesn’t answer? What if He clears the way for some supreme suffering? Is He still good to you then? Do you call yourself blessed then?

We have misconstrued the word “blessed”. It’s our fault, fellow Christians, that the word has become sorely distorted. YES, God definitely blesses in material ways. YES He manifests His provisional presence in ways we can’t imagine. We have bound Him, I fear, by our perception of what blessed is.

What will you do when God crosses your line? Will you turn away? Will you lash out in anger and believe the lie of the enemy thinking He has left you, doesn’t care and loves to see you suffer? I would be interested to hear from you if this has happened to you and how you handled it.

That’s the place of the fork in the road. A severe, perhaps “valley of the shadow of death” crossroads where we must decide…more importantly REMEMBER Who He IS…and cling to him, trusting Him with every breath for WHO HE IS rather than what He does. Humanly, we base our faith on the tangible. So to our finite minds when the tangible physical concerns we have don’t work out we tend to link them and even blame them on God. The truth is, what happens here to us does not change God one bit. Do I enjoy severe testing and trials? NO! I know you don’t either. It’s during those times we need to remember two things: 1) it’s not about us per se – though sometimes it IS! God wants us to KNOW Him. K-N-O-W Him! He wants to give us a one-on-one encounter of HIM – not anything we can put our hands on…HIS face not HIS hand and 2) if we continue with strong faith, surrendering any power or ability in ourselves He will blow our minds.

In the event of Jesus’ death, another wonderful blessing we have is the Holy Spirit INSIDE us…beside us, yes, over and under and all around yes…but INSIDE us! The power that hung the stars, sun and moon in the sky is IN us.  Fear makes us forget what we have at our disposal.

Oh precious one reading this. Believe He is with you. Erase your line and let God “CROSS” it. Entrust everything, all things, to Him. Allow Him free access to all of your life and be prepared to be amazed. God bless you!


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