Keep It Clean

I was weeding the flower bed this morning and it reminded me of how hard it is to keep my mind thinking positive, good thoughts. a lot has happened in the last 7 years of my life. I think about others who have gone through much worse than me. I thought of how bitter and despondant some people have become because their lives have been so difficult. then I know some who always dress with a smile, always greet with warmness who have suffered the cruelest of life’s experiences. 

The flower bed I cleaned out today hasn’t been touched in years. It had layers of dead weeds & almost hay~looking stuff in it entwined with lots of rocks that you couldn’t see when looking at it. That’s the way our minds are. We have layers and layers of past pain and loss and if not kept clean and tweek our perspective we can become just like that flower bed. The dead stuff can overtake our minds until we’re consumed by all the bad memories.

Everyone has reason to be depressed, bitter, envious and mean. life is hard and much of the time unfair. it’s up to us to refocus and remember the good that seems to get choked out by the bad. Why is it the bad is easy to remember but the good evades us? I believe the choice of attitude starts in the mind. The choice to be content starts there. Just like weeding the flower bed it’s hard sometimes!  It would be easier to just let the “weeds” of anger, regret and bitterness take over. I work hard to stay content, always relying on God’s word to change my attitude. I find if my mind is on Him & what He says, what He’s done and who He is He always turns my grouchy to grateful. 

Sometimes we just want to be pitiful don’t we? It’s easier to wallow than it is to walk. that’s the point. you decide to clean it up or not. We can clean it up or let the good be choked out by the bad. I didn’t have to weed the flower bed, I could’ve just left it like it’s always been.  I have the same choice every day with my mindset. Let it grow and be miserable or weed it out and keep it clean? I chose to clean me out today. God has amany good things for this day just for you. Let’s get to weeding and make room to see them!


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