Blessed by Definition

BLESSED: (def) fortunate, happy; favored by God; to praise, to cause to prosper.

Does the definition above fit what you call blessed?

“Blessed” because you got new cars, shoes, houses…we’ve distorted the word’s definition in the Bible to fit our own. Does that mean those without material possessions, without new homes, clothes, cars are not blessed? One of my favorite sayings is “Jesus did not die on the cross and rise again to give you new shoes”.

When you don’t get the stuff you want, what happens then? God failed you? You didn’t get what you asked Him for, whether it be a need or a want, so do you feel you’ve done something wrong, failed? Does it mean you aren’t blessed and He doesn’t love you?

Here’s what I think “blessed” means:

– you’ve suffered the loss of a significant person in your life. Although your heart is broken you still manage to smile and be positive, taking every step forward in faith. You know God orchestrates the events of your life and you trust Him completely. It’s a miracle you have a deep down, unshakable peace that shows. BLESSED!
– you’ve lost pretty much everything in your house because of a natural disaster, but your whole family lived. You have no insurance, no resources and you have to start replacing literally everything in your home. You don’t have a place to sleep of your own anymore, yet you’re absolutely sure every need will be met. You’re devastated yes, but you walk the road to recovery knowing everything will be all right. You have your moments of fear but you don’t linger there because you know the storm didn’t rip God the great Provider from you and as long as you have Him it will all work out. BLESSED!
– you’ve just been given the diagnosis of a life-threatening…and surely a life-changing…disease. You hear all the negatives and yes, you’re scared. Yet, when you tell people about it, they see something indescribable in you. They see your peace, and watch you deal with the treatments, medications, sicknesses associated and you still smile! You’re praising God for real, trusting Him every step of the way, regardless of how sick you are, whether you’re on your feet or in bed and because of your example, they give their lives to God wanting Him to see them through just as He has you. BLESSED!

I could go on and on. I have seen His blessing on many lives and I know what blessed is by HIS definition. It’s what I call myself ALL the time…whether I have or have not, good or bad, plenty or lack. I am blessed regardless of what I can touch with my hands. I BELIEVE I am blessed because I go by what He says blessed is and that is plenty good for me!


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