Allowing the Artist to Work.

To the unknowing eye, the room looks like it’s filled with all kinds of useless junk. To the one who uses it to craft, every piece has a purpose. He knows just why it’s been preserved and how it will be used.

He takes what’s broken, discarded, unwanted and useless (to me) and begins to work. Like an artist with a blank canvas, he creates something out of nothing; he makes beautiful what was ugly. When he’s finished it no longer resembles what it once was. Of course, you never thought the throwaway stuff was worth anything so you tossed it. You’re amazed! You marvel at the creativity of the craftsman. He gives his finished work to you to do with what you please. So you take it home and for awhile it’s displayed proudly as the original he created just for you. Then you get new things to decorate with and eventually the masterpiece is tucked away and forgotten.

I’ve done this lots of times. A treasure becomes just another thing; it doesn’t fit anymore so I put it away and soon it’s forgotten. This is a perfect analogy of our walk with God. When He’s “new” to us, we display and proclaim everything He’s done to anyone we can. We show Him off and He’s our main topic of conversation for a while until the new becomes old and He’s tucked away only to be brought out when we need something or something bad happens.

Let’s go to our storage rooms and open some boxes. Let’s pull out the stuff we no longer want or the things too painful to want to remember. Let’s expose them to our Master Artist. Let’s not only expose them; let’s give them to Him…all our junk, our buried and forgotten messes and give Him the room to work. If you have as much junk as I do, it will take some time. Let’s give Him free reign and all the time He needs to work. Let’s let Him craft us, restoring and healing all the stuff we’ve tucked away, hidden and don’t want to deal with. Over time, you’ll be amazed at what He does with it. Don’t give Him instructions! He’s the Master Craftsman. Trust Him. He knows what He’s doing.

Now look at the finished product and have eyes to see how beautiful and unique the treasure He has created is…just for you! While you admire His work and are thankful for it, don’t miss the fact that it’s yours to do with as you please. Will you display it? Will you tell your friends to come and see it? Will you tuck it away in a place and go look at it once in a while? Or, will you look at it later when you have more time?

Display Christ in your life for all to see. When you think of Him remember everything He’s done for you. Tell others this Artist will create for them what He has for you…a new creature. When He’s finished with what they give Him, the mess won’t be recognized. That’s His mantra, you know, making lovely things from our brokenness and baggage. No one does it better…if we let Him work.


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