Be Careful With YOU.

Who can you trust? You do realize, don’t you that anyone you open your arms to hug is given access to your heart.

People hurt people. Hurt people hurt people and we’re all wounded in some respect or another. Sometimes even the ones closest to us, the ones we’re supposed to be ultimately safe with hurt us the most. Sometimes those same people show who they really are and what they really care about when a tragedy occurs. It’s like you never knew them.

Be careful who you get close to. When someone entrusts you with themselves, honor that trust because when it’s gone it’s hard to get it back, if not impossible.

God knows. Ask Him who you’re safe with. When you hear that still small voice of warning, listen to it. Regret is hard to overcome. Don’t dwell on the hurt because it will breed something in you that looks like what you found in them. Forgive in spite of. All you can do is see to YOU. Don’t say you love people to use them for your benefit. Be real. Be who you are. Be discerning about who you open up to. Be forthright and not misleading. Be careful with you so you’ll be careful with them!


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