Wait for the SON

Wait for the SON.

My normal routine in the mornings is to walk Sampson, our dog, first thing. I usually start out before first light and enjoy a sunrise while we are finishing our walk.

This morning, however, it’s bitterly and dangerously cold so we couldn’t walk. I took him out in the back yard and he kept going to the front which is where we go to head down the sidewalk to begin his adventure. I kept telling him, “No, let’s wait for the sun”. He would look at me bewildered and with tail down, he would go back to the back yard only to return to the front a few minutes later. Over and over again I told him no, that we were going to wait for the sun to come up so it would be a little warmer and we would go.

That’s a word for our day isn’t it? We find ourselves in waiting, perhaps at a crossroads. Decisions and choices have to be made and sometimes it’s easier said than done. We sometimes don’t know how to begin…or perhaps we do, we’re just afraid. We find ourselves like Sampson, greatly anticipating doing his favorite thing only to be held off and told to wait.  He was waiting on the SUN; we must wait on the SON.

Keep praying friend, and asking God to show you the way. Don’t move, or proceed with caution, until you bathe that decision in prayer and hear from Him. He will show you one way or the other. Do something, though, while you wait…BELIEVE. Believe He will direct you as to what to do. Believe He has your best interest in His heart and He knows your intentions.  Don’t just jump and hope everything will be okay, unless He leads you to move.

Wait on the SON for direction, strength and courage. Put your fears and apprehensions aside and follow Him.

The SUN is up so it’s time to walk. The SON has spoken to my heart so it’s time to get on with it!

Isaiah 40:31


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