Monthly Archives: April 2015

Relentless Faithfulness

Matthew 14. The disciples in the boat (that Jesus made them get into). They were in a precarious situation, a very bad storm. They rowed and rowed to reach their destination and things kept getting worse. Third watch came and went…it’s now the fourth watch and things were really bad. I’m sure they were terrified. I’m also sure Jesus knew it. Why didn’t He come rescue them? He waited to come to them when things were as bad as they could be. Why did He let it get to that point? Couldn’t He see they were terrified? Why, if He loved them, did He not spare them that horrifying experience?

Why does He let us suffer? Be afraid? Some say God allows things in our lives so we can show Him who we are. I used to think that, but don’t anymore. His reasoning is vast. We can’t think how He thinks and we spend a lot of time trying to figure out His motives to no avail. I think one of the reasons He allows various trials is to allow us to see ourselves and our faith. He already knows; He knows the end of the thing we’re going through. Only after we have gone through something can we know what we’re made of and know our real faith in Him. He knows the trials will serve us and are for our own good. He knows after we have experienced hard life things we will either be closer to Him or farther away. At the end of the trial/tribulation, we’ll either believe Him and IN Him more…or less. We’ll know what we know instead of just saying we do; He will be more real to us and we’ll be closer to Him.

All the disciples had the opportunity to walk on the water but Peter was the only one who had the tenacity to actually do it. We all have the opportunity to literally believe God and act on our faith, it’s just that some of us choose to stay in the boat. And check this out! Even though Peter physically acted on His faith in Jesus He still almost drowned! Faith makes all things possible…but it’s not always easy or comfortable. Huge life lesson!

Remember when you go through something, it’s an opportunity to know God in ways you wouldn’t have. Had the storm not come, had Peter not been scared out of his mind, he would have never had the opportunity to walk on water! Through that experience, he learned to trust Jesus on another level. We can too, if we choose. No matter what we think or what happens, God never changes. He is always true to Himself. We choose whether to literally believe Him, and believe in Him and act accordingly or stay in the boat. If we stay in the boat He doesn’t love us less. He’s just giving us the opportunity to put feet to our faith. No matter what you’re going through, know He is faithful. If you can’t see Him, listen for Him. Don’t base what you believe about God on your circumstances; base what you believe about Him on what He says and who He says He is. Sooner or later you’ll see Him in the midst of what’s going on. He never fails.