Monthly Archives: May 2015

Don’t Forget!

I was talking to my aunt this morning about the humid Mississippi weather and remembering the humidity of Alabama. If you’ve never been there it’s brutal and suffocating. As soon as you walk out of an air conditioned building it masks your face and soaking sweat envelops your body.

Here in these mountains, it seems relief is just shade away. There seems to be a breeze…although slight at times…to relieve one’s suffering. Yet we complain about how hot it is.

Murmuring seems to come no naturally. It’s not hard to find something to say something negative about. The wah-wahs roll off our tongues without even a thought.

The upstairs of my house has no air conditioning ducts so it gets pretty hot up here on hot days. It’s easy to fuss when I walk up here to work or to go to bed. Ahh, the human condition. Always something.

I wish it were as thoughtless to say something positive instead of spew the negative.

Forgetting that one kind person I come in contact with, I easily, resourcefully remember every unkind person. Instead of being grateful for what I do have, I willingly recant what I don’t. Why are we that way?

I’m going to try harder to call to mind all the good and let the bad go. On hot days, I’m going to seek a cool breeze. Without complaining, I’m going to turn the fans and/or window unit on to relieve the heat and be thankful I have them. I’m going to thank those who speak blessings rather than be ill with those who don’t.

I’m going to remember a fresh season in my life when I was literally afraid of everything and thank God I’m coming out. Yesterday and the trials associated with it are gone. Today’s a brand new day with brand new mercy, grace for my needs and love from my always-loving Papa-God.

When unfavorable comes and uncomfortable visits, seek the good and be grateful it’s not as bad as it could be. Seek reprieve and remember when it was worse. Be grateful where you are…and enjoy. Don’t forget the pain but remember God’s grace that got you through and be thankful.