Am I Enough?

Long after the music fades, the sounds of laughter have been silenced I’ll be there.  Long past all the goodbyes, the heartaches and pain, I alone will remain.  Is that enough? Am I enough?

You’ve abandoned me for fame and fortune, for the love of others, for selfish desires and when they’re spent and you’ve had them, you come back.  Why don’t you stay?  All you seek is found in me, who I am, what I have for you.  Is that enough?  Am I enough?

I pick up your pieces, I alone steadfastly stay faithful to you and you’re a harlot to Me.  Come and go, to and fro. I mend you and love you back to health and you leave Me again.

You ask Me why I am always there, why I continue to care when you forget Me, abandon Me, forsake Me.  You call to Me when you’re in lack or need, in your selfish greed and yet…My love for you never diminishes.  You’re grateful I know when I mend your woes, but is that enough? Am I enough?

My love for you never changes, I never punish you for going away…for putting me on a shelf while you’re all about yourself.  I never will.  That’s not how I love.  I love you completely without recompense or regret.   My arms are ever-opened, waiting, longing for you.  I’m the best you’ll ever get.  Is that enough?  Am I enough?

Why not take Me with you, why must you separate Me from you?  I enrich everything, even your desires and take you beyond anything you could ever even think of.  Is that enough? Am I enough?


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