This is a scar from my latest encounter with the ground.  I fell in October on concrete and hit right on my shin where there is very little fat and tissue protection (probably the only place on my body where there’s no fat) so it hurt pretty bad and took a long time to heal.  By its appearance it looks like it’s totally healed but the truth is, I have an infection in that bone resulting from that fall for which I have been on antibiotics for weeks with weeks to go.  To look at it though, to look at me, you would think nothing’s wrong.

The appearance of something or someone rarely ever tells the whole story.  Sometimes good things don’t look at all like blessings.  For instance, when my car broke down and we had no transportation some precious friends prayed for me and the Lord nudged them to GIVE me an old car they had.  To LOOK at this car, you wouldn’t think it was a blessing – it’s appearance is worn and old and doesn’t appear to be a blessing at all! BUT to us, it is provision and just what we need (no more and no less) to get us to our jobs and stores to get what we need.

Many told me when I took the job at a local grocery store chain when my transcription job was outsourced that I was just wasting my time…not enough money…etc., when, in fact, that job has provided for us and allowed me to meet many wonderful people and has been a blessing in more ways than I can say.

Don’t judge by appearance, ever.  I’m learning lots of things and people aren’t what they seem.  Give it time, pray to have eyes like God and you’ll be surprised and delighted by what you are shown.


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