Just Fly!

Matthew 6:25-34

Birds were created to fly. No one had to tell them. When the time is right, the mamma bird picks the baby up and drops it and they fly. I’m sure there is no discussion in the nest, no “wait Mom, take him first”; “Wait I’m afraid” or “I want to just hang out here a little longer”.  The Creator created them to fly; they’re birds.

Humans were created to have a relationship with God.  There’s a deep unfulfilled longing in us that at first, we don’t know what it is but as we grow we become more and more aware that there is something missing in our lives. We attempt to fill that void with all kinds of things – money, food, people, etc. When we do figure out what’s missing – a relationship with God – we should then begin to know the One so intimately acquainted with us. He gave us the Bible for that reason.

He tells us He will provide for us, show us how to live lives pleasing to Him. Through His word, He attempts to direct us into the abundant life that’s possible if we stay close to Him. We make that so complicated. We decipher and try to figure everything out on our own. We fret about anything that gets in our way when the truth is, if we would just simplify and believe, things wouldn’t get so confusing and messed up.

Birds don’t count their feathers and check their wings before taking off, they just spread them and go.  Just fly, little birdie.  The Lord Jesus simply says:

“Look.  I created you for this.  Just fly. Do what you were meant to do:  fly. Don’t consider anything, just do it.”

The same is true for us.  He created us. He knows every single hair on our heads. He knows our struggles and our circumstances.  More importantly, He is with us through our circumstances and struggles.  He simply says:

“Don’t worry”. I know it’s scary and I know life is hard.  I know it doesn’t make sense but consider the birds.  They don’t give a thought to what they’re going to eat, drink or wear; you shouldn’t either.  Didn’t I say I would provide your needs? Why do you fret then? Why do you doubt? Just believe me and keep going. Don’t stop.  Don’t waste your time being fearful and trying to figure things out. I got this. I got you. Now fly!”

Whatever has you hostage, break free with trust in your heart that the Lord will see you through.  You were meant for this, because this thing that troubles you will show someone else who God is.  Just fly!


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