Change the Language

I work for a company in another country and when I do, I have to change the language settings on my computer to comply with theirs because the way they spell certain words, even the way they write dates is different so it’s a big deal.  Sometimes I forget to either change it when I start or when I’m finished and when that happens I have a mess.  Spellcheck takes twice as long because it picks up how the other country spells and dates are written wrong too.  So, I have to log out of what I’m doing, reset the language, reboot and start all over again.

It’s so easy for me to compliment and encourage other people; when it comes to myself I have a huge problem of talking down, even bashing myself.  Just recently one of my friends called my attention to how much I say, “it will go wrong, you know my luck”; “just my luck” when things go awry, or “I should’ve known not to even try” are a few examples.  I suspect most people are like that.  We are hardest on ourselves.

So the last time I changed the language on the computer, I felt a nudge to my Spirit to do the same thing with myself.

Change the language we speak to ourselves.  Cursing ourselves, talking down to ourselves is just as much wrong as it would be talking to someone else.  Not only are “they” God’s beloved and we should treat them with respect, we should show ourselves the same courtesy.

Speak words of life and encouragement over yourself today.  When negative shows up, replace it with positive.  Speak words of life and blessing, build yourself up don’t tear yourself down.  Change the language.

Go look in the mirror.  Tell yourself, “good morning beautiful.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God rejoices over YOU with singing.  YOU are His precious one, YOU’re the one He died for.  He has good plans for YOU. He loves YOU.”  Have you ever done that before?  When negativity creeps in and you start beating yourself up, stop.  Change the language.  When you do, your atmosphere will change, your countenance will lighten and you’ll even be better to those around you!

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” 

Proverbs 18:21


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