Praying for Pancakes

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never been able to make excellent pancakes.  They’re okay but not excellent.  I want excellent pancakes.

This morning I decided to pray before I started the preparation so I did.  Right off the bat, I put too much liquid in the batter so immediately I thought I had failed…again.  Disappointed already, I considered throwing the batter away and starting all over but that didn’t set well with me either.  We don’t throw food away at my house, unless it has something growing from it.  No waste is a cardinal rule here.  So, already thinking they would be a flop (tongue in cheek) I proceeded.

I talked to God again telling Him this would be a prime opportunity to display His ability (definitely not mine) of making something beautiful (and delicious) out of another mess I made if He would kindly bless my pancakes.

Well.  To my surprise I think they were the best I’ve ever made, perfectly browned, perfectly shaped and absolutely delicious.

I’m reminded that even when (not if) things don’t start well, don’t give up and toss the project.  Even if we’ve prayed, followed the directions to a tee sometimes things don’t turn out well and sometimes we can be absolutely astounded by the finished product.  One thing’s for sure:  we’ll never know unless we trust God enough to just keep trying…and finish the task.

Silly perhaps to you, but again, I’m reminded how prayer can literally change EVERYTHING.  Even pancakes!

Philippians 4:6:  “Be anxious for nothing, but IN EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication,  with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God…”


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