Tis the Season

Waiting.  Waiting. Hoping. Believing…yet doing nothing.  I know what I should do; I know what I want to do, but I don’t.  Not even the thing I most want to do.  I’m waiting for the weather, car to be fixed, to be more rested, for this to happen, that to happen. I’m looking to the sky (and everywhere else) to see a sign – I’m waiting for conditions to be perfect.  Guess what.  It hit me today that will never, ever be the case.

Pining, mourning the things that have happened; the decisions made and the decisions not made and the shame and embarrassment that goes along with all that.  Yes, I’ve been set free in many respects, see a lot of things in a different light, but I’ve allowed myself to be placed in a new cage.  I’m the jailer.  I have the key.

We’ve have ridden the spiritual high and expected it to last and never feel the things we’ve felt in the past…and when the feeling flees we believe the lie that we can’t so we don’t.  No more.

“In season and out of season” implies much, much more than what we see.  It means to love, to tell, to share what’s between us and God, thanks to Jesus, regardless.  Waiting for the perfect opportunity is a lie.  MAKE the opportunity.  Go get it.  Make your place.  Set the pace and keep going no matter how you feel.  Just. Do. It.

Today is the “season” – regardless of ANY circumstance – to do what you were made to do.  Regardless of how we feel, what we think, and what has happened, let’s just rejoice in the now and make the most of every opportunity.


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