He Started It!

Long before you were a thought in your parent’s hearts, God had a plan for you.  A good plan.  He designed every detail about you – He knew your personality and your beautiful heart.  He saw the beginning of your life, the end of it and every single detail in between.  He was well aware of everything and everyone that would hurt you and try to change who He destined you to be.  Even at this very second, He knows.  He sees it all and not only does He see, He KNOWS it all.  It’s one thing for others to watch your life unfold – it’s another to have someone on your side who loves you unconditionally who knows and feels the pain and the delight of your everyday life.

Don’t think that just because things are hard He doesn’t love you.  Don’t think that just because you’ve messed up you can’t be forgiven and you can’t start again. Nothing is final.  What He started He will finish if you choose to believe and participate. God doesn’t quit.  If you’ll stick with Him, talk it out with Him and believe Him, He will see you through this.  He started it.  He will finish it.

Jeremiah 29:11-13

Philippians 1:6


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