Be Very Careful.

Be careful not to believe everyone who says they love you.  It’s a trap; a setup to have your heart broken.  I can’t count on all my digits those who have said that to me yet are no longer around.  I don’t have enough.  Sure, they’re there when you’re on top but when the bottom falls out the pickins get scarce.

Of course I can’t think of other’s failures without having mine magnified.  I’m the mammoth of all failures. I’m sorry.

Thank God He never leaves or forsakes us. Otherwise this whole thing would be pointless.  I pray to heal from all these abandonments, disappointments and heartbreaks and be better.  Oh God. I’m scared of being bitter. Please. Help me.

Cut me open with that two-edged sword.  Gut me and anything that resembles pain or a root of something…anything that doesn’t resemble You has to go.  I want it to go.


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