It Is There.


I knew someone who had a farm that used to be a thriving southern plantation.  Every year when he would break ground for the garden he would always find remnants of treasures that had been left on the land by the previous owners.  One time, a spot of ground caved in and underneath was a slave cellar left completely intact with shackles on the walls. In that room were some valuable antiques hundreds of years after the plantation had existed.  No one had ever dealt with and completely cleaned up the property so everything was perfectly preserved and the current owner was the one who received the rewards of the accidental find.

You’ve been through a horrible storm.  There were times when you were sure your life would be taken and perhaps a moment when you wish it would be.  Now it’s over.  The sun has broken through and you’re left with the remnants of your life.

What will you do with what’s left of your life?

You could just walk away and leave the mess for someone else to clean up and receive the rewards of what should have been yours.  You could just leave it as it is and walk over what used to be, never dealing with it but always remembering until it’s packed down and invisible yet ever-present.  You could pick up the big pieces and dispose of them leaving the little things to bury themselves. Or, you could sift through it finding what’s underneath the surface.

Those living in tornado prone areas know when destruction rams through homes, the treasures of what survived are found underneath all the trash and destruction.  It’s heartbreaking and physically trying to remove what’s destroyed to get to the protected treasures and keepsakes underneath – the little things.  Although they may be dirty and sometimes unrecognizable when they’re found what joy and gratefulness they produce.

That’s your word my friend. Choose to dig through and find the preserved good and God in your aftermath.  Search purposefully and intently and you’ll find remaining blessings and you’ll discover that what remains is all that matters; what was lost may break your heart but if you trust and believe in God, you’ll be thankful all was not lost.  You’ll find among all that has been stripped away and destroyed there are still many good things.  Deal with and let go of what pains you, the reminders of the storm and diligently search for the good that remains.  Believe as you sort through that what’s most important is still with you.  They may not be easy to find, but find them you will, if you look.  For He who promised is faithful.


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