What if we went to our jobs, ran our errands, do what we normally do but we do it with purpose.  What if every person who calls themselves a Christian chose to believe we’re where we are, doing what we do for God rather than just to do it.

What if you went to your job thinking God strategically placed you there to be around those people doing what you do so you could impact their lives?  He did you know.  It’s not by chance you’re where you are. It’s all part of the design.  Even if the circumstances aren’t favorable and we would rather things be different, there’s a reason we’re where we are.  The problem is, we don’t walk in that assurance.  What if we took ourselves out of the situation and chose to believe we’re being used, right this second, for something much bigger than ourselves?

Birds do the bird thing.  Flowers, flower.  You be you.  Whether you feel like it or not, I dare you to pray and believe God’s up to something and He’s wanting you to just be you.  Try having that purpose in mind when you go to the grocery store, go to your job.  Be mindful of Him and what He desires more than just getting through it.  Just…be.

He could make us want to be who He’s really designed us to be, but He won’t.  He’s given us the power to choose. He’s created a masterpiece…a one of a kind designer original in you.  He wants you to live like you’re on a grand mission to change the world…because you are.  You’re right where you are because He can use you there if you’ll choose to let Him.  Sometimes a grand mission is to simply smile at someone, encourage them.  Sometimes the most powerful testimony is wrapped in your everyday stuff.  Just…be.

Matthew 6:25-34


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