As a MLS (Medical Language Specialist), it’s my job to listen to doctors dictate and either type or proofread their dictations.  The doctors come from every nationality and it’s sometimes hard to understand what they’re saying.  There are some days when the American doctors are even harder to understand than the foreign ones.  I work from my home and I’ve never seen any of these speakers and probably never will.  Still, it’s my job to decipher what they say accurately so on many occasions, I must listen over and over…and over again which cuts into my production and more to the point, irritates me.

We’re encouraged to leave a blank (or a time stamp for Australia) if we can’t get it.  The push for production encourages us not to linger too long and leave the blank.  I’m a bulldog.  I don’t like giving up.  When I struggle with understanding, I find it very hard to “blank it” and move on.  Every time I rewind to try to get it, I become more determined to hear what they’re saying.  I wish I were more like that in a spiritual sense.

We spend time with God, study and pray.  We seek what He’s trying to say and trying to teach…but sometimes we lack the patience and yes, even the desire, to “get it”.  We think we hear and understand and something will happen to set us back and realize we didn’t get that at all.  Only then will we go back and revisit and listen intently, read over and over trying to grasp what He’s saying.  Our intensity for Him and His word pales in comparison on occasion to the effort we put into my jobs and other activities.

Are we deficient in listening?  If so, there’s good news.  We can always choose to listen because He’s always speaking.  Keep a Bible handy and pick it up often.  Ask for ears to hear and a heart to receive.  If you don’t get it the first time, read it again. Ask again.  Don’t walk away with a blank – stay until He fills it in.

Speak Lord.  We’re listening.


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