Refresher Course

Joshua 3-4

Their fearless leader, Moses, was gone.  Another has taken his place – how would Israel know Joshua was the man to lead them? Joshua knew but how would they?  After all, they had grown up hearing their parents tell of the mighty way God delivered them from being slaves by parting the Red Sea and them walking across it on dry ground to their freedom on the way to His promise.  Now here they were, still in the desert, still walking under new leadership.

They probably believed they were on their way but when they stopped and surveyed their circumstances and resources, how in the world was it going to happen?

The Lord told Joshua to get the priests to carry the Ark of the Covenant and have the people walk a certain, specific distance behind it (Joshua 3:4).  The Lord was very specific about the distance between the people and the Ark and at that designated distance, they all were privy to see what happened next.  They were told when they see it, to “go after it”.  God told Joshua that as soon as the priest’s feet rested in the Jordan while carrying the ark, the water would be cut off. Think about it, they knew where they were going and they had a river before them to cross to get there.  They could have dove in tackling it the “normal” way – the way that seemed to make the most sense.  I mean if there’s something that stands in the way of getting to the promise, the most logical way is to go on and get wet, fight the current and do what you have to do.  Sometimes we dive in thinking there’s no other way but the hard way.  If we listen to God’s instructions and do it His way, water can’t even get us wet!

Sure enough, not only did the water stop flowing, the ground, as in the Red Sea, was dry for them to cross over.  Talk about a refresher course! Israel, once again, was reminded that God was with them and Joshua was confirmed as their leader.

Pray for God to lead and go before you. Seek His guidance and believe He will show you the way.  Sometimes we need a refresher course to remember He’s the God of impossible and He will always make a way.


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