Keep Doing You.

I love to write but I’m not the best writer.  I write because it’s therapeutic, especially when I pen a devotional because God always gives me a lesson and I’m eager to share it.  I don’t share because I’m an authority on the Word nor do I think my point of view is the only one that’s important.  I share what God’s given me hoping it will provide insight and blessing to those who take the time to read.  (Thank you, by the way, if you do!)  Almost without exception after I hit the post button, I can find many things I could have/should have rephrased.

I never, ever see perfection in anything I produce.

What I do in my life is the same way.  When I review and reminisce I always see something I could have done better and often wish I had.

Some are excellent at what they do.  When we look at their accomplishments, we see nothing but pristine excellence and find ourselves feeling like a less than.  No one has to point out our lacks or faults, we have at least perfected that art; we know every one of them by heart.

That’s what happens isn’t it?  Sometimes others are quick to point out our flaws; one critical word amongst a thousand positive accolades is the word we hold on to.  Then other times, we’re doing our thing the best we can and we take our eyes off our work and look to someone else’s to see how great theirs is then become less satisfied with what we’re doing.

Stop it.

You may not be the best dancer; dance anyway.  You may not be the best singer; sing anyway.  You may feel like you’re inferior to everyone around you but if you’re doing the best you can and doing it because you love doing it, keep doing it.  Keep being you.  The people who love you will ENcourage you not DIScourage you. Those who really love you want you to be you.  You’re a unique one of a kind gift to the world and you’re exactly where you are, doing exactly what you’re doing it the way you do it to be a blessing to those around you.

Be you today.  Do you today.  Nobody can do you, like you.


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