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What Faith Can Do.

I love to plant things especially from seed.  All those years working a garden with and for Dad brought me such pleasure.  It was so much fun working and preparing the ground then planting the seeds and going out every day to see if there is any evidence of anything coming up.

purple trumpetYears ago my aunt got me angel trumpet seeds that I never planted.  Actually forgot about them until I recently found them. I thought about throwing them away but I pulled several out and soaked them for a couple of days, prayed over them then stuck them in an old flower pot.  The picture you see is the result; I wish you could see it live.  It’s the most beautiful color – no one (including me) had ever seen a purple angel trumpet.

Think what I would have missed had I thrown the seeds away!  This is just one plant and one bloom – I have six plants growing from those old seeds and next year I won’t be able to stand the beauty!!

That’s what faith does, friends.  As old as the seeds were it really made no sense to plant them (I didn’t think) but I showed a little faith – a little what-do-i-have-to lose and look at the result.  Sometimes we just don’t have anything but faith to go on and just say, “why not, what do I have to lose” and stick those seeds in the ground. The result may just surprise you!

Have a little tiny seed of faith today.  When we do, God promises to bless the effort.  We may not see the results today but keep looking and anticipating that we will, and we will! We’ll be glad we did!


Keep Me In the Valley

I’ve often prayed for better times

And an ending to this pain.

I’ve begged the heavens to see the sun

In torrential rain.

I’ve walked through many a darkness

While crying out to see

Those were the times I can surely say

You were never closer to me.

Keep me in the valley, Lord

If that’s how I will know

More of Your personal love for me

And closer to You I grow.

You give me strength and courage

To do what I need to do;

You give me grace and a dose of faith

To put my trust in You.

When I think of stopping cold

You whisper in my ear,

Keep me in the valley, Lord

If that’s where You’re most near.

Keep me in the valley, Lord

If that’s how I will know

More of Your personal love for me

And closer to You I grow.



Just a quick observation.  I’ve noticed that when it’s the hottest and driest the dew on the grass is thicker.  My shoes and feet get soaked when walking Sampson.  I also noticed that in the intense heat things are still growing – because God waters His beauty with the morning dew.  That’s a display of His provision at its simplest.


That should tell us something.  In the most intense “heat” of our lives (circumstances) – if God sends extra dew to take care of the grass (which we often try to kill, at least cut) – if He takes care of things in ways we don’t even notice, how much more will He take care of us.

Worry places a barrier between us and Him.  Take it down and believe He’s going to take care of you and see you through what you face.

Matthew 6:25-31

Killing Me

I don’t like my perspective today.  I don’t like what I think will happen, what I see and what I feel.  I don’t like me or anything about me today. So I’m not doing it anymore.  I’m going to kill myself. I don’t have the desire to deal with me or “this” anymore.

I’m going to decide to trust God and what He says about me – that I’m cherished, beautiful, and the apple of His eye.  I’m going to believe He has a great plan for me, plans to prosper me.  He has hope for me and since I don’t (today), I’m going to keep moving on what He says and act like I believe it.  He’s my willpower and energy today because this ole gal is dead.  I’m choosing to “kill” her and not do anything, say anything or believe anything she says.  I’m living for and BY Him.

Some days that choice…that sacrifice is more significant than others.  Some days it’s easy and we live subconsciously doing our normal things without giving them a thought.  Other days we just don’t want to get out of bed.  Whether we’re going through something or recovering from having gone through something, some days we may not want to.

Even on good days, strong days, we should get ourselves out of the way and live for Him as that puts us in a different place, a better place…a place outside ourselves.  During those times, everything has more purpose and meaning and we see it’s really not about ourselves at all.

Killing ourself isn’t such a bad thing if it means sacrificing our wants and desires for Him and what He wants for us which is better and greater than we can imagine.  I’m willing to believe that and try it again today…are you?

Psalm 54:6 “Willingly I will sacrifice to You; I will give thanks to Your name O LORD, for it is good.”

Don’t Give Up!

I type for an Australian transcription company and there are times I struggle to understand what the speaker is saying.  Sometimes the mystery word is an easy find, but sometimes like today, it’s not.  I spent over an hour on one note trying to decipher what he was saying.  I searched every available resource, no luck.  This was my very first note of the shift mind you, so I immediately became discouraged.  I thought to myself, “There’s no sense in even trying today if it’s going to be like this.  I won’t make any money…waste of my time…”.  I finally found the word – which was incidentally one I had never heard before in either language!

So here’s the deal.  I’ve committed at least two hours most days to this, my second job.  I said I would, so even if an hour of it is spent searching, it is what it is; I still have an hour to type, or longer if my crazy schedule permits.

The message?  Keep doing what you said you would do.  Keep trying. Don’t give up.  Be a person of your word.  Keep believing when it seems there is no reason to.  Those are the times you’re going on nothing, absolutely nothing else but God’s word.  Make HIM proud – work to honor and please HIM.  Too often I want to do what’s easy for me forgetting that my “Boss” is the One I’m aiming to please.  In little increments (as well as long term), I have to decide with every decision who I’m ultimately doing this for…I have to put me in the background and Him in the foreground.

Don’t quit – the answer, the blessing and the knowing you’ve completed what you set out to is just around the corner.

Romans 5:3