Don’t Give Up!

I type for an Australian transcription company and there are times I struggle to understand what the speaker is saying.  Sometimes the mystery word is an easy find, but sometimes like today, it’s not.  I spent over an hour on one note trying to decipher what he was saying.  I searched every available resource, no luck.  This was my very first note of the shift mind you, so I immediately became discouraged.  I thought to myself, “There’s no sense in even trying today if it’s going to be like this.  I won’t make any money…waste of my time…”.  I finally found the word – which was incidentally one I had never heard before in either language!

So here’s the deal.  I’ve committed at least two hours most days to this, my second job.  I said I would, so even if an hour of it is spent searching, it is what it is; I still have an hour to type, or longer if my crazy schedule permits.

The message?  Keep doing what you said you would do.  Keep trying. Don’t give up.  Be a person of your word.  Keep believing when it seems there is no reason to.  Those are the times you’re going on nothing, absolutely nothing else but God’s word.  Make HIM proud – work to honor and please HIM.  Too often I want to do what’s easy for me forgetting that my “Boss” is the One I’m aiming to please.  In little increments (as well as long term), I have to decide with every decision who I’m ultimately doing this for…I have to put me in the background and Him in the foreground.

Don’t quit – the answer, the blessing and the knowing you’ve completed what you set out to is just around the corner.

Romans 5:3


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