What Faith Can Do.

I love to plant things especially from seed.  All those years working a garden with and for Dad brought me such pleasure.  It was so much fun working and preparing the ground then planting the seeds and going out every day to see if there is any evidence of anything coming up.

purple trumpetYears ago my aunt got me angel trumpet seeds that I never planted.  Actually forgot about them until I recently found them. I thought about throwing them away but I pulled several out and soaked them for a couple of days, prayed over them then stuck them in an old flower pot.  The picture you see is the result; I wish you could see it live.  It’s the most beautiful color – no one (including me) had ever seen a purple angel trumpet.

Think what I would have missed had I thrown the seeds away!  This is just one plant and one bloom – I have six plants growing from those old seeds and next year I won’t be able to stand the beauty!!

That’s what faith does, friends.  As old as the seeds were it really made no sense to plant them (I didn’t think) but I showed a little faith – a little what-do-i-have-to lose and look at the result.  Sometimes we just don’t have anything but faith to go on and just say, “why not, what do I have to lose” and stick those seeds in the ground. The result may just surprise you!

Have a little tiny seed of faith today.  When we do, God promises to bless the effort.  We may not see the results today but keep looking and anticipating that we will, and we will! We’ll be glad we did!


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