He’s Still There.

I love hummingbirds.  In the almost three years since I’ve been in East Tennessee, I haven’t seen many of them.  I think they’re having trouble keeping up with me since I’ve moved so much.

When hard times hit I stopped everything including putting feeders out.  I was so caught up in my circumstances and the fear that came with them, I wasn’t myself in every respect of the word.  This spring I put out feeders and have seen a few hummingbirds from time to time but not like I used to.  Where I live now is pretty heavily populated with quite a bit of traffic.  Yet every once in a while when I go outside and look for them, occasionally I will see one or two.

That happened this morning and it hit me – I wondered if I thought they weren’t there if they really were and I missed them because I wasn’t looking.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a dark place feeling totally alone and we think because no one else is there God isn’t either.  Then you feel a “tweak” in your spirit, hear a song on the radio that contains the perfect words or hear a word from an unlikely place or person that lets you know He knows exactly where you are, exactly how you feel and He is right there with you.

The hummers flittered by chirping.  God does the same – something reminds us He’s still there, wherever there is.  In the darkness, sickness, even when you may want to be alone…He’s still there. Look and listen.  You’ll find Him.


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