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The Safe Zone.


It’s raining this morning. When I let Sampson out I stayed on the front stoop which was the only dry place which you see in the picture.  I didn’t want to get wet so I had two choices:  stay inside or stay under the shelter of the overhang.  No other choice.

I stepped inside the door and snapped the picture. imag0690

With all the talk of safe zones and people feeling unsafe in the world today for whatever reason, we surely see He’s our safe zone.  Staying close to Him is our only hope.

That doesn’t mean we cordon ourselves off and become hermits.  It means we venture out to our jobs, stores, etc., under the shelter of Him, literally.  We carry on with our lives, believing He’s with us and will keep us and His promises and truth will protect us no matter where we find ourselves.

Here’s the catch though.  We have to “go under” the shelter.  As bad as I didn’t want to get wet this morning, if I walked out from under the cover of the front porch, I would get wet! I even tried it to see.  Yep, I got wet. Without covering such as a hoodie, umbrella or the like, rain would get me wet.

The world will have an impact on us if left only to our want not to be affected.  We have to “put on” Jesus so we will be protected.  We have to get into the Bible, pray and then think about what we read and believe.  Without out it, we’re going to get saturated by what we encounter and become what we’re believing God to keep us from.

If it’s cold outside and we don’t wear warm clothes, what’s going to happen?  We protect our bodies with the intent to not let the elements make us miserable.  The same concept applies to our Spirits, our hearts. We must protect ourselves at all times.

Stay in the safe zone.  Put on Jesus before you go out there.  Don’t expose yourself to danger…or rain for that matter.  If you do, you’re gonna get wet!

“Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” Ephesians 6:13




Keep Doing You

There have been times in my life that I wanted to be who someone needed and wanted me to be.  I tried very hard not to disappoint but ultimately, my “real self” surfaced and I felt I had failed miserably as a human being.  When I love someone I want to be everything they want me to be and want to be the perfect image they have created in their mind and heart of who they would like for me to be.

Truth is, I can’t be.  I can only be myself.

Why did I say “only” in that last sentence?  Why are we never satisfied with ourselves and accepting of our own limitations just as much as we accept the shortcomings of those whom we love?  Why are we endless critics, always expecting ourselves to meet perfection standards we would never place on anyone else?

There’s a deep human need to be loved and accepted.  Some of us will literally do anything to have people love us.  While the need is normal, the lengths to which we sometimes go are not.

I drive a car, but I’m not a mechanic.  Does that make me someone who shouldn’t drive?  I love to cook, garden, work out in the yard…but I’m not a master chef nor a seasoned landscaper.  Should I stop doing those things?

Remember who created you…just like you are.  You’re a unique individual, designed and crafted by God Himself.  He knows what we’re good at, what we enjoy and even what we have to do.  I tend to believe He instilled those things in us.  Why can’t we be okay with who we are and our own limitations?  Why can’t we express our true selves, who after all is who we were intended to be!?

The other side of that coin is to not place expectations on those around us.  We may have a picture in our minds of what we think someone should do and how they should act and perform (for lack of a better word). Is that love?  We sometimes justify our demands on others by saying we want the best for them, we want to help them be better people.  Do we really, or do we want them to be what we think they should be?

Learn to be comfortable in your own skin.  Be thankful you can do what you do.  You have your own custom-designed, unique ability to touch your world and those around you in a way that only you can.  God designed you to love Him and show His love to others, and I think a big part of that is having the faith and confidence in Him to do just that.  You keep doing you.  Love Him back and display His love to others being the wonderful masterpiece you are.  That’s your purpose!