Monthly Archives: September 2017

Don’t Miss What’s In Front of You!

When Sampson and I went for our walk at our favorite spot this morning, there were squirrels galore, some in trees and others scampering for their treats on the ground.  Sampson loves to chase squirrels and I bring him to this particular park just for that purpose. 

Oddly enough with all the squirrels on the ground he was mesmerized by the squirrels in the trees, running up and down the limbs, jumping from one tree to the other.  How odd. He could have chased squirrels, which is what he loves to do, not more than 10 feet away yet he was fixated on the ones he knew he couldn’t get to.  He missed the blessing of what was right in front of him.

Isn’t that just like us?  When in crises we fix our minds to better times and more blessings.  Sometimes we’re unable to see the blessings right in front of us.   Going through a tough time it’s sometimes difficult to believe there’s anything good (and anything of God) in the test.  Truth is, there’s all kinds of good things right in our hands no matter what our circumstances are! We often miss today’s goodness keeping our eyes focused on what isn’t even real yet.

Don’t miss what God has for you, right in front of your face…right at your fingertips. Keep your eyes and mind on what God has for you right now.  Tomorrow may or may not come.  The only sure thing we have is the right here, right now.  No matter what  it is or where you find yourself God is with you right now.  In any situation, happy or horrible, He’ll show Himself faithful, loving and strong for us, right now.  He never changes and if we’ll look for Him He will definitely bless us, right where we are, no matter what’s going on.

Don’t miss the now by focusing on the later.  Go for what’s right in front of you believing in His faithfulness.  He will bless.