Uniquely the Same

Uniquely The Same


We made these necklaces at the recent women’s retreat I was blessed to be a part of.  I wish I had taken a picture of all of them, because they highlighted a wonderful truth.

Each lady used the same material to make the necklace and we got to choose our colors.  Every single woman chose different colors, thus every single necklace was the same…but different.

While walking around the room looking at the beautiful, simple pieces we created the common thing about them was the cross and the beads in the middle which signified to me that we’re all very different…but we’re all very much the same.  We may prefer different colors, clothes, food, etc., but the part that counts is what’s in the center – our hearts.  Although we’ve had different experiences with different things in and on our heart, the unifying mark (for Christians) is the cross – Jesus. God sees Jesus in us and although He “handles” us differently, we’re all the same to Him which gives me great comfort.

Celebrate your uniqueness and the commonality we share in Christ.


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