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IMAG0752This is so me.  I have good reasons (?excuses) for not finishing this vase. I have lots of nerve damage in my hands as well as arthritis and I type for a living.  Some days, typing is all I can do.  Regardless, the vase is what it is: Unfinished.

Like the vase, we’re unfinished.  God created us for His good pleasure, for His reasons.  We all have specific purposes for our lives, the most grand of which is to know Him and live with Him in eternity.

Unlike this vase I’ve set aside meaning to finish it (which I will this weekend or that’s my plan), He doesn’t set us aside.  He knows we’re unfinished because He’s the Finisher! We won’t be complete until the day we see Him face to face in Glory.  Even when we’re veering away from Him and our destiny stuck in whatever we find ourselves in, He doesn’t glance our way and say, “I’ll pick her back up when she’s finished” and walk on.  Although we may feel incomplete and useless rest assured, He’s still with us, in us and all around us working on His masterpieces.

So I could get a picture of the vase’s incompleteness I stuffed a towel inside so you could see how unfinished it is.  I didn’t need to do that for me; I did that for the reader.  The same concept applies to God.  He knows where we need to be touched and He knows how to do it.  We fill ourselves with all kinds of things to feel accomplished, loved, accepted and complete and we keep stuffing.  God sees through all the fillers and if we let Him, He knows how to touch through all of them, too.

Yes, we’re all unfinished but He’s promised to complete us.  He’s constantly working through everything and everyone, the beautiful and the ugly to make us in to what (and who) He’s destined us to be.

I can pick this vase up and finish it any time I want because it’s mine and it’s accessible to me.  He can do the same with us.  Actually He can work on us and through us when we aren’t aware and when we are.  The vase has no control of when I’m going to work on it. We can choose to spend time, thought and prayer with Him, or in some cases He can work on us making us more of what He intends us to be without our permission.  We’re His!  Either way, Let Him work, trusting and believing no matter what, He’s creating something…someone beautiful.

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6