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Do You Know What he REALLY Wants?

Your enemy…the enemy doesn’t want to kill you.  He doesn’t want you to die.

He relishes your pain.  He enjoys your suffering and lashing out at God.  He loves to hear you complain.  His desire is for you to wish death upon yourself.  Even more than that, he longs for you to be despondent, miserable, depressed and despairing.


When you’re miserable you’re quiet.  There’s no praise, no prayer resulting in no power – because you don’t feel like there’s any point in praying! You’ve played perfectly into his hands.  Quiet and distant is the first of many plans he has for you.  Will you fall for it?

He longs to render us ineffective and uncaring about anything except our own misery.


When we’re depressed and totally consumed by unfavorable circumstances we’ve no energy to lift anyone else up.  I mean, why would we?  We can’t do anything for ourselves, why would we even attempt to help someone else?

The enemy knows where our source of power is; WHO our source of power is and he knows when we feel cheated, mistreated, broken down and low down, the first place we’re likely to turn is away from our Father.  That’s what he’s after – his ultimate goal is to get us to turn from God.

He wants us to live like we’re dead with no joy, no faith and a bushel of doubt.  Don’t tell anyone about what God has done for us – because it’s discounted considering all the suffering and hardship we’ve endured…that’s what the enemy wants.  Joyless, bitter, disgruntled, dissatisfied believers so nobody wants the Jesus we have.  Nobody wants to listen, much less come to church.  His ultimate goal (since he can’t have our soul) is to render us useless for God.  He can kill our joy, make us doubt our faith ultimately causing us to have no effect or impact in the world around us.

No, the enemy doesn’t want us dead…he wants to live like we’re dead.


What’s Your Jezebel?

Jezebel:  Noun.  Wife of Baal; Unchaste (relating or engaging in sexual activity especially of an illicit nature).

Allow me a little expanded thought on “Jezebel”.  There is something in every life that throws us off, gets our attention.  It may not be a person of the opposite sex, but there is something that entices us to stray.  Money?  Power?  Fear? Attention?  Depression? Illness? Let’s be honest.  What’s the thing you think about most, the thing you want the most or the secret thing you wouldn’t want anyone to know?

Revelation 2:20 says, “But I have this against you that you TOLERATE the woman Jezebel…” (emphasis mine).  It wasn’t that the church indulged in Jezebel’s sin, her immorality and false teaching…they TOLERATED her.  They knew who and what she was, yet they didn’t deal with her.  They let her stay and keep on doing her Jezebel thing uninterrupted.

Thus, my question.  What do we tolerate?  What holds us back?  We know it’s there, we know it’s a nemesis, yet we do nothing.  We think it’s not a problem, we justify, “well that’s just who I am, God knows my heart…” We’ve gotten numb to it and when it flares or rears its ugliness, we find that normal and push it back down.  Maybe we think it’s not a big deal – it only happens once in a while and then it’s not an issue anymore…until the next time…and the next.  At least we don’t “go there” all the time; it could be worse.  At some point, we have to decide who and what we want to be and if our Jezebel prevents that (if it doesn’t now it eventually will) then it’s time to call her what she is and make a committed choice to root her out.

Let’s deal with our Jezebel, once and for all.  Let’s call out our ugly and not let it snatch us anymore. One thing’s for sure…if we don’t eventually God will.

Killing Me

I don’t like my perspective today.  I don’t like what I think will happen, what I see and what I feel.  I don’t like me or anything about me today. So I’m not doing it anymore.  I’m going to kill myself. I don’t have the desire to deal with me or “this” anymore.

I’m going to decide to trust God and what He says about me – that I’m cherished, beautiful, and the apple of His eye.  I’m going to believe He has a great plan for me, plans to prosper me.  He has hope for me and since I don’t (today), I’m going to keep moving on what He says and act like I believe it.  He’s my willpower and energy today because this ole gal is dead.  I’m choosing to “kill” her and not do anything, say anything or believe anything she says.  I’m living for and BY Him.

Some days that choice…that sacrifice is more significant than others.  Some days it’s easy and we live subconsciously doing our normal things without giving them a thought.  Other days we just don’t want to get out of bed.  Whether we’re going through something or recovering from having gone through something, some days we may not want to.

Even on good days, strong days, we should get ourselves out of the way and live for Him as that puts us in a different place, a better place…a place outside ourselves.  During those times, everything has more purpose and meaning and we see it’s really not about ourselves at all.

Killing ourself isn’t such a bad thing if it means sacrificing our wants and desires for Him and what He wants for us which is better and greater than we can imagine.  I’m willing to believe that and try it again today…are you?

Psalm 54:6 “Willingly I will sacrifice to You; I will give thanks to Your name O LORD, for it is good.”

Am I Enough?

Long after the music fades, the sounds of laughter have been silenced I’ll be there.  Long past all the goodbyes, the heartaches and pain, I alone will remain.  Is that enough? Am I enough?

You’ve abandoned me for fame and fortune, for the love of others, for selfish desires and when they’re spent and you’ve had them, you come back.  Why don’t you stay?  All you seek is found in me, who I am, what I have for you.  Is that enough?  Am I enough?

I pick up your pieces, I alone steadfastly stay faithful to you and you’re a harlot to Me.  Come and go, to and fro. I mend you and love you back to health and you leave Me again.

You ask Me why I am always there, why I continue to care when you forget Me, abandon Me, forsake Me.  You call to Me when you’re in lack or need, in your selfish greed and yet…My love for you never diminishes.  You’re grateful I know when I mend your woes, but is that enough? Am I enough?

My love for you never changes, I never punish you for going away…for putting me on a shelf while you’re all about yourself.  I never will.  That’s not how I love.  I love you completely without recompense or regret.   My arms are ever-opened, waiting, longing for you.  I’m the best you’ll ever get.  Is that enough?  Am I enough?

Why not take Me with you, why must you separate Me from you?  I enrich everything, even your desires and take you beyond anything you could ever even think of.  Is that enough? Am I enough?


Sampson is an extremely obedient dog.  He walks with me without a leash most of the time, he stays in his yard…until he sees a squirrel.  Some kind of little furry critter makes him forget who he normally is all the rules go right out the window.

Distractions. You know the truth of who you are and Whose you are and when things are quiet and peaceful it’s easy to live in that truth.  You claim all of God’s blessings and promises and are quick to praise Him with a thankful heart…until your attention is diverted by unforeseen circumstances.

Distractions.  When they come, we divert to our nature – the “normal” way to handle things:  anger, frustration, despair, desire, despondency, depression, etc.

Something we want or desire consumes our every thought and emotion. Something bad makes our faith (or lack thereof) wax and wane.  Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, if we focus all our attention on it we can be swept away to places we never intended to go.  Distractions come in all kinds of packages.  For sure, anything that leads us down a path we never intended taking and/or know we shouldn’t go on is a distraction from who we’re intended to be and what we’re made to do.

These are the times that we should remember our foundation – the truth of God and what He says but our humanness takes over.  “Well, that’s just the way I am”; “God made me He knows my heart” are often our weak excuses to go our own way and do our own thing.

Sampson ran after a squirrel one day completely oblivious to passing cars and other dangers around him.  He was almost killed. He was 100% focused on the distraction and nothing else.  We sometimes do the same.  We can’t see the dangers lurking and we don’t realise how far we have wandered until we find ourselves having to walk the long way back.

I used to pride myself in my strong faith.  I thought I had it going on with God until life threw me curveballs I never saw coming.  I found myself in a very dark place with a boatload of doubt.  I’m still recovering from the effects of my “falling away”.  I considered myself so close to God air couldn’t get between us and when the distractions/trials came, I found myself doubting He was with me at all.

Distractions show us who we really are.  No matter what form they take they’re designed, I believe not to punish us or make us pay for something we’ve done or not done, but to do just that: show us what we’re made of and how strong our faith really is.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be swept away by something that becomes more important to us and sometimes bad things happen we have no control over.  When they happen (and they will happen), it’s up to us to “go back” to God who is the only sure, steady and stable foundation we have.  During the quiet and peaceful times in life when it’s good are the times to grow closer to God, reaffirm and believe because as long as we’re alive there will always be something to try to draw us away.  But be reassured, God NEVER moves or changes.  He is ALWAYS there, and will always welcome you back.  We just have to decide to “go back” to Him.

Just like now – can’t find Sampson.  He’s been hooked by another distraction.  Thankfully right now, I’m not but I’m preparing for the next one.  I pray you are, too.

James 1:6  “But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.”