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Going on the Say-So

I must not be learning what I said I have…maybe I’ve gotten a superficial jolt; a “feel good” moment. True that! Nothing thrills me like studying God’s Word. Nothing makes me feel so good. FEELINGS,  however, are not sustainable. I think that’s why Jesus is called “Bread of Life” – one must take Him literally into His being. Take Him all the way in to the depths of our souls because there will come a time when He will be the only thing sustaining us. Don’t I know it and I’m sure you’ve had that moment, too. If you haven’t prepare for it now because you will.

I’ve heard lots of discussion about God’s promises. I’ve heard there are 366 in the whole of the Bible – one for every day including Leap Year. Hearing isn’t the same as believing, you know. I BELIEVE I’m covered by ALL of His promises regardless of the number. I haven’t fully researched this myself but I’ve gone with it. Is it important to count? Maybe not? Maybe? It is important to believe for yourself.

I do know the promises I have read. I recite them often to myself especially when I’m scared. Yet just as a person in a boat that suddenly topples over when a hard wave hits chunks his life vest in a panic (so I’ve heard) because he thinks he can stay afloat better without it, I let go of what I know to be true. First response is so often fear, anger, doubt…to name a few. Rather than hang on to my life jacket I let go then spend my time paddling to grab hold again. It’s exhausting. Sound familiar?

Today, I’m going on His say-so. I’m walking ‘in faith not by site’ because frankly, I’m not thrilled with what I see. Isn’t that what it takes to get us to walk by faith? Why, I wonder, do we humans not choose it in the first place? Well, I do anyway. Maybe you’re a stronger faith-walker than I am.

He says He will never leave nor forsake me. I believe it. He will go with me, before me and after me to keep me from harm. I believe it. He will provide our every need regardless of what I see or feel. I believe it. No one or nothing can change or take away His great love for His child. I believe it.

I’m walking in the say-so of Papa God. No matter how I feel, what I see. I am trusting in the sometimes invisible promises, providence and protection He has for me. That’s what faith is, right? (Hebrews 11:1)