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What’s Your Jezebel?

Jezebel:  Noun.  Wife of Baal; Unchaste (relating or engaging in sexual activity especially of an illicit nature).

Allow me a little expanded thought on “Jezebel”.  There is something in every life that throws us off, gets our attention.  It may not be a person of the opposite sex, but there is something that entices us to stray.  Money?  Power?  Fear? Attention?  Depression? Illness? Let’s be honest.  What’s the thing you think about most, the thing you want the most or the secret thing you wouldn’t want anyone to know?

Revelation 2:20 says, “But I have this against you that you TOLERATE the woman Jezebel…” (emphasis mine).  It wasn’t that the church indulged in Jezebel’s sin, her immorality and false teaching…they TOLERATED her.  They knew who and what she was, yet they didn’t deal with her.  They let her stay and keep on doing her Jezebel thing uninterrupted.

Thus, my question.  What do we tolerate?  What holds us back?  We know it’s there, we know it’s a nemesis, yet we do nothing.  We think it’s not a problem, we justify, “well that’s just who I am, God knows my heart…” We’ve gotten numb to it and when it flares or rears its ugliness, we find that normal and push it back down.  Maybe we think it’s not a big deal – it only happens once in a while and then it’s not an issue anymore…until the next time…and the next.  At least we don’t “go there” all the time; it could be worse.  At some point, we have to decide who and what we want to be and if our Jezebel prevents that (if it doesn’t now it eventually will) then it’s time to call her what she is and make a committed choice to root her out.

Let’s deal with our Jezebel, once and for all.  Let’s call out our ugly and not let it snatch us anymore. One thing’s for sure…if we don’t eventually God will.


The Other Side of Beautiful.

I live in a cabin that’s almost 240 years old. Oh if the walls could talk. Andrew Jackson has stood in my living room in front of this fireplace; it’s been said Daniel Boone walked across the front yard. There is all kinds of history on this property.

The cabin has (what I call) character and is a story within itself. Some look at it and see its faults and everything that needs to be fixed but I see the beautiful. It does need work and on the side where nobody can see the beginnings of renovation is taking place. From the visible side, it looks much better.

The side you can’t see shows what it’s been through. If you choose to see that side, you have to walk around to where you can. Nobody sees it unless they make the effort to see it.

We’re much like this historical cabin. We all have a side we don’t show (or try not to) to the world. We choose to let others see our beautiful, our socially acceptable, try-to-fit-in-and-be-good self; the everything-is-fine-and-I-love-life self. The majority only care about that side of us; few ever venture “around the house” to see the other less exposed side, the self we work so hard to hide.

If you’ve lived a few years, you’ve weathered some storms and if others look close enough, they can see it. You’ve been hurt, wounded, made some mistakes and have the scars and marks to prove it. Everyone has another side of beautiful. Everyone. Everyone has a side they don’t really want others to see. Some, though, can’t help but show it. They’re the ones we see on the streets with no place to call home, no resources and no people supporting them. We try not to look because we want to see beautiful; we want someone else to help them. Those closest to you – just like you – have a side that is less than beautiful. We all have a side we would just as soon not show.

Look at them the next time you can. LOOK at the people with you in the checkout line at the store. LOOK at them and pray for them. Ask God for opportunities to smile at them and look them in the eye and ways to help. They’re beautiful too! Others you’re exposed to have deep places and fears they don’t share with anyone. They may need a positive, encouraging word or smile to let them know they’re not alone and they are loved, ugly and all.

God loves us despite of and IN spite of our ugly. He KNOWS our other side of beautiful and has chosen to love us anyway! He wants to touch our ugly and heal us. He wants to do a major renovation in us and He will if we let him. He will even use our other side to encourage someone else if we’ll let Him.

The next time you’re seeing beautiful in others and places think about what you don’t see. Be thankful for the beautiful and pray God is allowed to touch the other side and make it beautiful too.