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You’d be surprised at how much you’re missed by this prodigal.  So many times…actually every time something happens I long to share it with you.  What I would give for one more cup of coffee with you, and one more chance to tell you two things:  I love you.  I thank you.

You loved me unconditionally.  In the good you were there to cheer me on; in the bad you were there to support me.  I couldn’t see it then but I surely see it now, how I broke your heart in so many ways yet you never wavered in your love for me.  You sacrificed everything for your girls, and though we tried to show you we appreciated you, I don’t think we (at least I) scratched the surface of how much I really appreciate you.

I haven’t forgotten the things you taught me – as a matter of fact, I always wanted to be the kind of mother you were to me.  Now that I’ve experienced motherhood, I’m well aware of the sacrifices, the joy and the pain of that daunting title.  I pray I’ve done you proud.  If I’ve managed to be just a fraction of the kind of devoted mother you were (still are, just because you’re gone from here doesn’t change the fact you’re still my Mom) then I guess I’ve done okay.

Most often we don’t appreciate those closest to us.  Sometimes we can’t see the cost and all that was poured into us until they’re not there anymore.  I want you to know I see it and I’m forever grateful.  Thinking back you were the best example of God’s love – tenacious and unwavering, that determined gonna-love-you-no-matter-what real love and I thank you for that.  Wish I could have seen that then…

I understand you, and I feel you now more than ever.  I get it.  I’m sorry.  I’m deeply grateful, more than words can say.  And, I love you, really love you, and appreciate you.  For everything.

I look so forward to seeing you again.  Life here was so hard for you.  I get a lot of joy knowing you’re safe and not suffering anymore with anything.  I can’t wait to see you like that – with all the sorrow and pain gone from your eyes and heart, completely restored. What a moment that will be.

Oh and one more thing.  You were right.  About everything.  I love you.


It’s Him!

It had been three days since their Messiah was crucified. Knowing nothing would ever be the same after their time with Him, the only thing they knew to do was go from there.  So walking down the road to Emmaus, two of His followers were trying to make sense of it all, replaying the events that brought them to that dusty road.

All of a sudden, another joins them.  “Hey guys, what are you talking about?” They look at him like He’s from another planet “Really.  You must have been in a cave if you don’t know what’s happened!” They indulge His questions telling them their reason to hope had been crucified which must’ve been hard.  Knowing something happened then saying it out loud kind of rushes reality in and makes it real.

The Stranger starts reciting scriptures and asked them “All that had to happen didn’t it? I mean that’s what Scripture says, right?”  Then He proceeds to tell them every prophecy related to Messiah.  They still didn’t get it.

The Bible says they were prevented from seeing and I’d say grief and despair played a part, too.  In our lives, tragedies happen and even though we know the truth(s) of God’s word, we forget.  We’re sometimes too consumed with how we’re feeling to let reality touch us.  We’re too busy trying to understand the course of events to allow truth to penetrate our broken hearts and distorted minds.

The Stranger prepares to go His own way but they ask Him to stay the night with them so He agrees.  Once in their home, they are dining and He picks up the bread and breaks it and all of a sudden, the ones who walked with him see.  It’s Him!

Perhaps it was the way He held the bread that brought back the memory of their last supper together… “This is My body…” and helped them to see Him.  Perhaps when he took the bread they saw the scars on his wrists from the nails that had pinned Him to the cross.  Jesus really was alive and He was with them.  Sorrow turned to jubilation and comfort and joy invaded the house.  It’s Him!

They were so lost in their sadness on the road, I doubt they would have believed Him had He told them who He was while they were walking.  We get that way too, don’t we?  We get so consumed we don’t even look for Him let alone believe He’s with us through it.

When everything is falling apart and grief has snagged you, look for Jesus.  Expect Him.  Remember how He’s gotten you through and know…it’s Him!

Luke 24:13-21