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Just Like Yesterday


Yesterday was a wonderful day.  The power company was doing some work on our street and we would have no electricity for several hours.  Since I work at home and can’t work without internet and computer, I decided to get a couple of things done and because it was Love Your Pet Day, I had a couple of things in mind for Sampson, my precious pup. We headed out and delivered some glassware I had promised for a display then we were free to play.  It was beautiful so we spent a lot of time outside. There are very few opportunities in my busy life to play without time restraints so I took advantage of it.

I loved yesterday.  I could wish that every day was like that.

This morning, we woke up to clouds and a little bit of rain.  My first inkling was to complain and feel disappointed but instead, I thanked God again for the day we enjoyed yesterday and decided this was going to be a great day too!

While taking Matt to work, I caught a glimpse of the sunrise.  It was still raining, mind you, still looking yucky but it was like He burst through the clouds as if to say, “HEY!  I’m still here.  I’m still God in the rain and sunshine, and I’m with you regardless.  Chin up little girl!”

There you go.  God’s still God in the best of times and the worst of times; any kind of weather and ever-present in whatever we must weather.  That makes the whatever-comes-our-way good, or for the good, if we keep our eyes on Him.

It’s so easy to complain, be dissatisfied and unsettled if we base our mood and our outlook on all that’s around us.  This is another stellar day God’s given us, and with Him it’s just as wonderful and blessed, filled with grace, mercy and Him as any yesterday we’ve had.  Let’s live like we believe that.

Psalm 118:24




When I sat this weary cutting of a vine close to my office window a few weeks ago, it only had a few leaves on it and they all faced me.  It has thrived in this location, obviously, and now most of the leaves have turned to face the light source.

Several things came to mind this morning from observing this plant.

Sometimes we find ourselves “planted” in circumstances we had no intention – sometimes no control – being in.  We can adapt and make the best of it…or not.

This cutting, when allowed the opportunity to live, is doing what plants do.  I put it in some water until it rooted then stuck it in an old dirt filled pot.  Nothing special.  No special attention, just watered it and set it in a bright place.

When things happen to “break” us, we have choices although it may not feel like we do.  We can choose to do what we can and trust God for the rest or we can wither up and “die”.  Some have chosen the latter. I refuse.

When life breaks us, we must “plant” ourselves in God’s sovereignty.  As these leaves stretch for the sun, we must stretch for the SON.  It may not feel good; we may not even want to, but stretch anyway.  Inside us is His Spirit and a strong will to survive and with a little faith in those truths and some effort, if we find the strength to press on and stretch ourselves, things undoubtedly will get better.  This plant would have survived anywhere else in my house but I chose a place of great light exposure to give it the best chance.  It not only lives, it’s thriving.  We can too, in the light of His presence because in that place, we find joy, peace and comfort that only He can give.

Set yourself up.  Get as close to Him as you can.  When you don’t feel Him Ssstttrrreeetttccchh!  Keep stretching.  He’s there.

It Is There.


I knew someone who had a farm that used to be a thriving southern plantation.  Every year when he would break ground for the garden he would always find remnants of treasures that had been left on the land by the previous owners.  One time, a spot of ground caved in and underneath was a slave cellar left completely intact with shackles on the walls. In that room were some valuable antiques hundreds of years after the plantation had existed.  No one had ever dealt with and completely cleaned up the property so everything was perfectly preserved and the current owner was the one who received the rewards of the accidental find.

You’ve been through a horrible storm.  There were times when you were sure your life would be taken and perhaps a moment when you wish it would be.  Now it’s over.  The sun has broken through and you’re left with the remnants of your life.

What will you do with what’s left of your life?

You could just walk away and leave the mess for someone else to clean up and receive the rewards of what should have been yours.  You could just leave it as it is and walk over what used to be, never dealing with it but always remembering until it’s packed down and invisible yet ever-present.  You could pick up the big pieces and dispose of them leaving the little things to bury themselves. Or, you could sift through it finding what’s underneath the surface.

Those living in tornado prone areas know when destruction rams through homes, the treasures of what survived are found underneath all the trash and destruction.  It’s heartbreaking and physically trying to remove what’s destroyed to get to the protected treasures and keepsakes underneath – the little things.  Although they may be dirty and sometimes unrecognizable when they’re found what joy and gratefulness they produce.

That’s your word my friend. Choose to dig through and find the preserved good and God in your aftermath.  Search purposefully and intently and you’ll find remaining blessings and you’ll discover that what remains is all that matters; what was lost may break your heart but if you trust and believe in God, you’ll be thankful all was not lost.  You’ll find among all that has been stripped away and destroyed there are still many good things.  Deal with and let go of what pains you, the reminders of the storm and diligently search for the good that remains.  Believe as you sort through that what’s most important is still with you.  They may not be easy to find, but find them you will, if you look.  For He who promised is faithful.

Wait for the SON

Wait for the SON.

My normal routine in the mornings is to walk Sampson, our dog, first thing. I usually start out before first light and enjoy a sunrise while we are finishing our walk.

This morning, however, it’s bitterly and dangerously cold so we couldn’t walk. I took him out in the back yard and he kept going to the front which is where we go to head down the sidewalk to begin his adventure. I kept telling him, “No, let’s wait for the sun”. He would look at me bewildered and with tail down, he would go back to the back yard only to return to the front a few minutes later. Over and over again I told him no, that we were going to wait for the sun to come up so it would be a little warmer and we would go.

That’s a word for our day isn’t it? We find ourselves in waiting, perhaps at a crossroads. Decisions and choices have to be made and sometimes it’s easier said than done. We sometimes don’t know how to begin…or perhaps we do, we’re just afraid. We find ourselves like Sampson, greatly anticipating doing his favorite thing only to be held off and told to wait.  He was waiting on the SUN; we must wait on the SON.

Keep praying friend, and asking God to show you the way. Don’t move, or proceed with caution, until you bathe that decision in prayer and hear from Him. He will show you one way or the other. Do something, though, while you wait…BELIEVE. Believe He will direct you as to what to do. Believe He has your best interest in His heart and He knows your intentions.  Don’t just jump and hope everything will be okay, unless He leads you to move.

Wait on the SON for direction, strength and courage. Put your fears and apprehensions aside and follow Him.

The SUN is up so it’s time to walk. The SON has spoken to my heart so it’s time to get on with it!

Isaiah 40:31